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Suddenly, there’s a flurry of make-up primers being launched. Designed to go over moisturizer and under makeup, they might seem yet another extra step in your regime until you read these reviews by the testers who trialled these top-scoring products and found themselves universally converted.

We asked our ten-woman panels to report on how silky and smooth their skin felt after ‘priming’, and whether or not the primer helped their make up to (a) go on more easily and (b) stay put longer. The consensus was that these do both, and -in some cases more.

Reviews: ‘Really magical-textured gel, instantly absorbed, leaving a smooth canvas for make-up: you only need one pump’.’make-up lasts a full day with no top-up: diminished pore size and lines, so overall look was more polished and smoother’.’this evened the skin, filling and smoothing small blemishes and irregularities’.’it has to be the most amazing beauty”find” in a long time’.’my mother, who is 66, uses it on the backs of her hands, going them a smooth, matt finish-invisible but beautifying.

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